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HyperGraphics is a new object-orientated graphics library that allows rapid development of interactive graphics applications for use with Windows ® operating systems .

HyperGraphics can be used with the most popular rapid application systems available, including Microsoft Visual Studio .NET ®, Borland Delphi ® (versions 5, 6 and 7), Borland C++ ®, Microsoft Visual C++ ® and Microsoft Visual Basic ®.

Now also available for Microsoft .NET framework

The .NET version is available on the Evaluation copies page and includes examples for Visual Studio .NET 2003 ®.


HyperGraphics is particularly suited to displaying engineering/scientific data plots and map data. Many different line-styles are available and rounded labels can be produced with ease, including both date/time and numerical labelling. Other features include, automatic key generation, support for bar graphs and logarithmic axes. HyperGraphics also makes an excellent graphics engine for real-time control and data acquisition systems.

In addition to its charting capabilities, HyperGraphics can also be used as an interactive diagramming tool. It has many built-in objects, including connectors, sockets, shapes, multi-line textboxes, text-tip tools, and also comes with a rich-set of objects specifically designed for drawing Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams, electrical circuits and system diagrams. These features seamlessly combine with HyperGraphics' charting capabilities to provide a powerful multi-functional graphics engine.

The shareware program Schematic is a diagramming tool that has been written using HyperGraphics and shows some of the powerful diagramming features that HyperGraphics can bring to your software product.


HyperGraphics is a flexible and open graphics system that can be adapted easily to suit the target application. HyperGraphics allows you to create your own objects as well as modifying "off-the-shelf" objects from the comprehensive library. New objects can be created by combining instances of existing objects and existing objects can be modified by overriding events and adding user-defined properties.


Delphi users can also benefit from its extensive design-time capabilities. This allows HyperGraphics objects to be added to forms and configured at design-time thus saving development time and simplifying the run-time code. HyperGraphics is fully integrated with Delphi and has extensive on-line help available through the Integrated Development Environment.

Further information

You can learn more about HyperGraphics in the features section of this website. You may also want to download the free evaluation version of HyperGraphics.

Please feel free to contact the staff at Dot Software Ltd for comprehensive pre-sales and technical support. We are happy to assist you in evaluating the capabilities of HyperGraphics and to ensure it's suited to your specific project(s).