Now Vista compatible

Schematic is a drawing package that's much like SmartDraw and Visio, except that it also allows you to easily modify any of the existing graphics from the extensive library (we call them Widgets), and create your own unique versions. Of course you can create your own Widgets from scratch too (that's how we created the ones in the library).

An unlimited Widget library

Our aim is to create a working Widgets library where users post their modified or newly created Widgets ready for use by others. Please go to the Forum for details.

Simple and easy to use

Schematic also has the added feature of retaining connections you make between objects. However many times you change the layout, the connections will stay in place. It's a great timesaver!

Schematic is a fully featured, professional diagramming tool with the following features:

Construct diagrams using shapes, text and lines. Example diagrams
Easy-to-use, customisable GUI interface. GUI elements GUI customisation
Object tree-view for easy object navigation. Tree view
Built-in connectors that can snap to object perimeters. Connectors
Tables that can display other graphical objects in rows and columns. Tables
In-line editing of text. In-line text editing
Snap objects to a user-definable grid. Snap-to-grid
Contains specialised built-in object libraries for drawing Unified Modelling Language (UML) diagrams, electrical diagrams , flow charts and network diagrams. Widget libraries
Easily construct your own graphical object libraries. Creating widgets
Incorporate graphs into your diagrams to show real-world data. Graphs
Export as enhanced metafile, JPEG, PNG or bitmap files. Exporting
Tile printing, print preview and zooming. Printing
Full undo/redo functionality.
All objects can be positioned and sized in centimeteres, inches, pixels, points or "normalised" units. Units
Multipage layout allows multiple diagram creation/editing within a single instance. Pages
Extensive set of inobtrusive on-screen tips for allowed object manipulations.
Full Windows Vista compatibility.

We'd love to have your feedback on what you think of our software and how you are using it. You can get in touch by emailing us at

Here are just a few of the comments we've had so far:

“I like the functionality. It is the best of it's kind that I have found to-date ...
I have used some [similar products] over the years and have found your product to be the best thus far.”
Peter Wolf

“Schematic provides all of the function we require and is simple and intuitive for novice users ... Schematic is both good and reasonably priced.”
Richard Beeman

“I used Schematic to draw evacuation plans for my workplace. I found Schematic extremely easy to use and useful. I learnt by trial and error (being experienced with a variety of applications) and found that I was able to use it quickly and easily... It is the best/easiest drawing package I have used.”

Schematic is written and supported by Dot Software Ltd, a software development company based in Bath, England.

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