In-line Text Editing

All text objects contained in a Schematic diagram can be in-line edited, allowing the text to be changed instantly. When in-line text editing is available the cursor changes to an I-beam, clicking the mouse will then allow the text to be edited in the usual way.

Changes to the text font including applying super-script and sub-script can be achieved by using the text toolbar,

Different font styles can be applied to any selected part of a text string.

The following keyboard shortcuts allows different font styles to be applied,
Ctrl-BApplies bold
Ctrl-IApplies italics
Ctrl-UApplies underline
Ctrl-+Applies subscript
Ctrl-=Applies superscript

All text objects added to diagrams can be edited in this way. This includes text objects added as children of other objects, and captions added to objects, connectors and widgets.

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