Graphs can be easily constructed and incorporated into Schematic diagrams. Data can be defined interactively, read from a text file and also edited via a spreadsheet style dialog box. Data can be shown as data lines or line bars.

Schematic's graphing features,

Axes can auto label and auto scale themselves using rounded limits.
X-axis labels can be drawn parallel or at an oblique angle to the axis line.
Linear and logarithmic axes.
Full control over axes label fonts/fontsizes and colour.
Includes an automatic key that updates itself as data lines are edited, added and removed.
Multiple y-axes which can be aligned to the left or right of the graph and also positioned away from the graph
No limitation to the number of data lines and line bars. Can mix data lines and line bars on the same graph.
Many varied line styles including different shaped and coloured markers.

A data line graph

A multi-axis data line graph

A line bar graph

A multi-axis line bar and data line graph

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